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To live in cleaner communities by working together with our neighbours to improve the quality of our local environmental. To improve the social, economic and environmental well being of the community and providing a sustainable future. We launch in Wembley as we believe as a town it has everything, shopping centres, Event spaces, restaurants etc - so if Wembley could achieve it there would be no excuse for any other town centre.

Our goal was to make Wembley the 1st pioneering town centre in the UK #PlasticFreeWembley Campaign with local and national PR campaign. To build strong partnerships within the community and build awareness and above all to do something about the problem

Wembley hosts a maximum of 250 events per annum, hitting footfall in excess of 85,000 per event

Pubs and bars 245,000 plastic cups used on ONE day
Restaurants 100,000 plastic take-away containers per week
Fast Food operators 100,000 coffee cups per week
Local Greengrocers Ordering 100,000 plastic bags per week NOW replaced with PLA bags
Brent Councils Catering 100,000 cutlery items per week
Saving a total of 150,602 kg ! of plastics going to landfill & oceans in 2 months


Plant-based PLA coffee cups have 72% less carbon than plastic products associated with them.
CPLA – high heat PLA cutlery and coffee lids have 62% less carbon than plastic
PLA cups and food containers have 81% less carbon than polystyrene cups and containers
Sugarcane food containers have 99% less carbon than polystyrene containers
Plant-based PLA cups, straws and lids have 79% less carbon than plastic products
PLA Carrier and bin bags have 72% less carbon than plastic products
Cassava carrier bags have 78% less carbon than plastic bag products

On average, this represents a HUGE reduction of 75% in the carbon footprints associated with producing products for eating, drinking etc if an area switches to bio-based products.


Diverted 26.5 tonnes of plastics away from landfill in Wembley, in two months alone
This means WE have reduced carbon EMISSIONS by 75% in two months
Energy savings of 14,300 MJ compared to typical plastic recycling centre

Carbon footprints (kgCO2e) between bio-based plastic and traditional plastics for specific uses

In terms of energy usage in making PLA products versus plastic products, there is a drop from 716520 MJ to 516480 MJ – a drop of 28% - a decrease in energy use of 28% - this is in the embodied energy / energy used to create the products. We have further studies from the pilot scheme we applied to local retailers in Brent of our compostable cups, bags, cutlery range that was calculated to demonstrate the enormous benefit to the environment.

The results show diverting from recycling, yes we are reducing vast quantities of required recycling. The table below gives figures on total plastic avoided PER WEEK. This also equates to, on average, a reduction of 80 tonnes CO2e / week – the carbon footprint that would have been associated with making that much plastic for the week.

Based on the below facts:

Plant-based PLA has 79% less carbon than plastic
81% less carbon than polystyrene
72% less carbon than PE plastic
77% less carbon than PET
This means you have reduced the carbon impacts by at least 75% at least.

Carbon Stats Savings on the two companies






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