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Post Date:November 1, 2017

A resilient business means staying in business!

Currently there seem to be more and more threats to our business survival every day and here at iYFA we understand that building resilience is critical to our growth and our future.

Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from anything that, possibly literally, gets thrown at you. Whether it is flood, fire, a key member of staff resigning (or long term ill), losing a major client, boardroom fight, change in demand for a product or service, or how a market operates (Blockbuster video comes to mind), loss of power and, probably the greatest threat of all today, computers and cyber-crime.

And of course cyber-crime doesn’t just mean over the internet, as most businesses are vulnerable to internal computer crime. We know of one business that lost its entire customer database when an employee left.

Here at iYFA we have invested in two backup cloud servers. Customer data is secured using SSL certificates and we have a self-healing cloud infrastructure, which is monitored round the clock.

Now you might be thinking, so how does iYFA know all of this stuff? Well, we were invited to a B:Resilient event on cyber security for SMEs and found it to be incredibly helpful and inspiring, so much so that our eProducts now not only advertise local businesses but also promote the work Business in the Community (BITC) and Barclays are doing on resilience. You may find BITC’s 10 Minute Planon how to prepare for different types of emergency quite useful.

Barclays has also recently published a ‘Ready for Anything?’ report which we highly recommend you read; you might also notice that iYFA is one of the case studies.

As we said at the beginning, being resilient means staying in business.

The iYFA Team


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