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Post Date:January 25, 2018

An early Valentine!

There are certain times of year when people spend more money; lots of it! Some of these days are seasonal, like skiing in the winter and BBQs in the summer, while others have defined dates such as Christmas, Bonfire Night and Valentine’s Day.

The important thing for you, as a business, is to maximise your sales on each of these occasions.
As its Valentine’s Day just around the corner the team at iYFA, based in Chiswick, thought that you might like some marketing ideas to show your customers some love and at the same time increase your sales.

We know a butcher who gets a great deal of extra business due to his steak offer. With two steaks he gives a little bag of special spices and notes on how to cook the perfect steak. Plus a single beautiful red rose. Could you do something similar?

Something that works well, online or offline, is the ‘14 Days of Love’ campaign. As you may have already guessed, the idea is to have a special offer every day for 14 days. The great thing about this particular idea is that it gives you a reason to contact your customers every day for 14 days. You can of course just have one big sale, or offer, on Valentine’s Day itself.

It’s also a great time to change your window display. People are thinking of love, and as red is the colour of love, how about adding red into your window to catch their attention? It could be something simple like a bouquet of red roses, but depending on your business, it could be red shoes, a red dress, red lingerie, a red sports top, a red car, a red guitar: something to attract attention to your business.

No matter what your business, you can have a Valentine’s offer. You just need to be creative but, more importantly, implement your idea. Remember, a simple idea implemented is far better that any truly original idea that never gets to see the light of day.

Another simple idea is to advertise a Valentine’s Draw. The prize (drawn early on the 14th ready for the big night) can be a bottle of champagne or a bouquet of red roses. To get a free draw ticket all a customer has to do is make a purchase from you in the first two weeks of February (each purchase gets a ticket). Not only will this bring you extra business from existing customers but also new customers (add these to your database).

As we say, the important thing, whatever you chose to do, is to take advantage of this marketing opportunity for your business and so increase your sales.

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