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Post Date:March 21, 2018

Can I help you?


The smallest thing can make a big difference to the success, or otherwise, of your business and here is a story of how just the lack of a few words is causing a shop to lose hundreds of pounds worth of business and how just one word would make an even bigger difference to their success.

One of the iYFA team wanted a wedding anniversary card recently so they popped into a local card shop to buy one.  The lady on the sales counter didn’t even look up as they walked in and carried on with what she was doing (reading a magazine).  Having glanced at all the cards on display, there were no helpful signs saying ‘Wedding Anniversary’ and not seeing what they wanted, they left the shop.  Again the lady on the counter didn’t look up; no acknowledgement of any kind.

Talk about sabotaging their business! Just think about the business that shop is losing – it must in the thousands.

Almost anything she could have done might have led to a sale; a good day, a smile. Even “Can I help you?” But of course it is very easy to say ‘No’ to that.  However, add one word ‘how’ and you have a completely different story.  It’s very hard to say no to, “How can I help you?”  See what we mean? We know you just tried!

Unless your shop is in a very busy tourist town most of your business will come from local people; week after week, month after month, year after year, and this is very important to you. Why? Because you have a massive advantage over the big stores and online sellers and your long-term success depends on it. What are we talking about? Answer – building a great relationship with your customers.

We all have shops, restaurants and businesses that we go to because of the relationship we have with them. We will go out of our way to visit them and even pay more than we could elsewhere and it’s all because of the bond we have built up with them.

So it’s imperative that you build great relationships with your customers and if you, or your staff, are not already doing it, then a “How can I help you?” is a wonderful place to start.

The iYFA Team


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