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Post Date:October 11, 2017

Environment Strategy for London

Here at iYFA we imagine that you already know that London is world-famous as being a political capital and also both a financial and cultural capital. But did you know that London is one of the greenest cities in the world?

However, a great deal more could be done and the Mayor’s office wants to do more and for London to become the world’s first National Park City. Now when we talk about National Parks you are probably thinking the Peak District, Brecon Beacons, Cairngorms, Dartmoor and the Lake District (the UK has 15 National Parks), but certainly not London. So how could London ever become a National Park?

Seemingly the biggest challenge is for London to be more than 50% green space. However, it would probably surprise you, it did us, to know that London is already 47% green space. But what would be the benefit to us of London becoming a National Park – to the people that live and work there?

It would mean we would breathe the cleanest air possible, encounter less noise pollution, mitigate climate change, conserve wildlife, encourage more walking and cycling and, of course, lead to a healthier, even happier, life.

So what is being done and how can we help?

Exhaust emissions are being tackled, bus fleets are being renewed, more trees and flowers are being planted and roof-top gardens made. There are also ambitious targets for recycling and cutting food waste, and of course, cleaner energy and protecting the Green Belt.

Obviously we can all help with the above, but on a smaller, day-to-day scale try avoiding buying bottled water, food in plastic boxes, using plastic bags (the iYFA eBag is 28 times more environmentally friendly than a plastic bag), buying more loose fruit and vegetables (would save food waste), or planting a window box. Just imagine the effect it would have if every person in London, in the country, purchased just two fewer plastic items a week; it would amount to millions and millions.

If you would like to have your say, there is a survey from the Mayor’s Office that you can contribute to, just click here, which closes on the 17th November.

A last thought: don’t think that this is just about London, as we can all, wherever we are in the world, have a positive effect on the future of our planet.

The iYFA Team


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