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Post Date:January 4, 2018

Green Resolutions

It’s that time of year again; a New Year, a fresh start, filled with good intentions and lots of resolutions. The problem is that by the end of January most New Year Resolutions are long forgotten. But why should this be and what can we do about it?

Most goals, and a New Year Resolution is a goal, fail because they are set based on something that a person thinks should be done rather than on something they want (really want) to do. And that’s the simple answer; their goal isn’t something they really want to do, so it doesn’t happen. Therefore, by making your goal, New Year Resolution, something that you really want to do will massively increase the odds of your success. Now something that we at iYFA want to do in 2018 is help look after our environment and the local High Street, and we are guessing that that is something that you would want to do as well. With that in mind here are our six Green Resolutions for the New Year. We hope you like them.

First, the big one. Say no to plastic bags of any sort. In a recent article the BBC reported that the UK faces a build-up of plastic waste as 500,000 tonnes of plastic normally shipped to China for recycling is no longer taking place. Our eco boxes (28 times more environmentally friendly than a plastic bag) will help you here.

Then of course there is bottled water. You see the empty plastic bottles dumped everywhere; in the street, in our rivers, in the hedgerow, on trains, everywhere. Never buy another bottle. Instead get our environmentally friendly bottle to fill with water. You can also filter the water at home and it will save you money.

Next fit LED bulbs  as they use 90% less energy than a normal bulb and will show enormous savings on your electricity bills.
Another great thing to do is to buy as much locally produced food as possible, from farm shops and the meat and fish counters at supermarkets. This will not only reduce the amount of plastic containers used but also save an incredible number of Food Miles – the miles, and therefore the pollution, taken to get food to you.

This is closely followed by cooking more from scratch. Cut out those ready-made dinners. Not only does this reduce another huge amount of plastic but also chemicals and is far better for you. And what’s more it’s fun. The added bonus of this and buying locally is that it is less wasteful and again saves money (it is estimated that the average UK household wastes £470 of food very year).

Lastly, buy biodegradable cleaners or make your own.  Making your own cleaners is not only simple but they are cheaper, better for our environment, and often give far better results than shop bought products.

Well those are our six Green Resolutions for 2018. We hope it’s got you thinking and that you will want to add some to your own New Year’s Resolutions list.

Happy 2018.

The iYFA Team


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