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Post Date:May 3, 2018

It’s all wonky!

If you buy your fruit and vegetables in the Chiswick High Road it’s more than likely that you will be offered one of our iYFA ecoSHOPPER boxes to carry your delicious goodies home in.

If you don’t already, buying your fruit and vegetables from a market stall, farmer’s market or independent shop, has many benefits, not least of which is better organic produce. Two other reasons that I buy from my local farm shop are that I can buy exactly what I need, which saves both wastage and money, and very few, if any, plastic bags; plus of course I always have my ecoSHOPPER box with me.

However, it goes much further than that and I now look for wonky carrots because I know that they must be ‘real’ and better for our environment. Farmers supplying fruit and vegetables to our UK supermarkets currently get a lot of their produce rejected (up to 40%) on the grounds that it fails to meet cosmetic quality standards set by the big retailers; because it’s easier to pack, in plastic, and looks better on display. We must expect our supermarkets to do much more to combat waste. It’s ridiculous that perfectly good vegetables are wasted simply because they’re a funny shape.

After all it’s not as if knobbly carrots and parsnips cook or taste any different to their perfect cousins. So it’s high time we helped save them from the supermarket reject bins.

Plus dumping tons of wonky food is an environmental disaster, because energy and resources are wasted in production only for the food to end up rotting in landfill where it produces methane – a potent climate-changing gas.

What can we do? Well, first of all stop buying ‘perfect’ fruit and vegetables from our supermarkets; instead buy from local independents, as only pressure from us will make the supermarkets change their habits. Some are already listening to their customers and offer a wonky selection which is both very clever marketing and great for our environment. There are also a growing number of wonky vegetable websites which provide seasonal produce and support local growers.

So support your local community and enjoy your wonky fruit and vegetables.

David – Head of Business Development and eco trailblazer at iYFA


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