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Post Date:March 7, 2018

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Ever heard of Glossophobia? No? Well, it’s a Greek-derived, really cool and correct name for the fear of public speaking. Public speaking is often cited as something that scares a great many people.

Communicating your ideas clearly and presenting them openly in public is an essential part of success across numerous areas of life. Being a good public speaker can help you grow your business, advance your career and help
you to form strong relationships.

So, here are the eight iYFA Top Tips to help you present your message for best effect.

1) Preparation is paramount. If you know your subject from back to front it will build your confidence, relax you, and make your presentation far easier to give. This is our number one tip because it is the most important by far. As Benjamin Franklin said ‘By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.’

2) Know your audience. By knowing who is in your audience you can tailor what you are going to say exactly to their needs. Why are they there? What are they expecting to get out of your presentation? By knowing who they are means you have a better chance of building a relationship with them.

3) Tell a story. There is a truism that facts tell and stories sell. People want to feel emotions and love a happy ending. A good story has heroes and villains and you are the hero. For example: your customer has a problem, you have the answer to that problem and the result is positive (more profit, less pain, better

4) Inject your personality. We are all different, so don’t be a robot and hide the inner you; well maybe if you are totally crazy you might tone it down a little. Think how different comedians Jack Dee and Catherine Tate are.

5) Believe in yourself. It’s easy to feel like everyone is waiting for you to mess up, but in truth they want you to succeed. Remember you have something interesting to say and people want to hear it. And it doesn’t matter if you make a mistake; everyone does at some time.

6) Give an ‘Aha’ moment. Tell your audience something they don’t already know, something that will surprise. A nice line is, ‘Not many people will tell you this…’ and add something different; something that other people avoid saying.

7) Be self-aware. With everything you do you are presenting your personal brand and you need to be aware of what this is and not just when you are in front of an audience. How do you look, how do you sound, how do you come
across. If you aren’t a very energetic speaker you might need to pep things up a little – but that doesn’t mean you need to run around the stage.

8) Have an outcome. Remember why you are speaking. What is your goal? What do you want your audience to do? Are you building a relationship or asking them to buy? Many speakers leave their audiences not knowing what they
should do next; don’t let that be you.

So, the iYFA eight Top Tips to better presenting; we hope you find them useful. Have fun putting them into practice and please do let us know how you get on.

That’s all for now: David


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