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Post Date:November 22, 2017

Jingle Tills!

At this time of year it’s essential to get your ’tills’ ringing loudly!

Here at iYFA we have been discussing our favourite and most effective seasonal marketing ideas. One that we all love is the online advent calendar. The advent calendar is a great way to ensure that your business is in front of your customers and potential customers in the run-up to Christmas. It can be used to advertise offers, promote content and capture data. The advent calendar works for both B2B and B2C for lead generation as well as e-commerce. You can use it to offer exclusive content or to offer daily deals or to advertise a new product. Your options are pretty well endless!

But after all agreeing on the advent calendar, we each had our favourite marketing ideas, so we decided to make a Top 6 (after the advent calendar) and here they are, in no particular order:

1)    The 12 Days of Christmas. Essentially this is the same as the advent calendar but for just 12 days. This works well for all business types but might suit the smaller business better as you don’t need so many offers. It also means that you can be more targeted in your approach. The other reason we like this is that there is time to put this promotion together, whereas it may be a little too late for the full advent calendar.

2)    This is a simple one – Mulled Wine (or coffee). Offer your customers a hot drink as they enter your store; they will thank you and tend to spend more time browsing.

3)    Run a Tombola. Every customer gets a lucky dip; limit it to one pick per customer. You could set a spend limit but we like it to be just a gift, after all it is Christmas. Not all prizes have to be expensive; most could be a bag of sweets or similar. Place the tombola at the rear of your shop as you want people to pass your shelves full of goodies.

4)    QR Codes. These work well with the smartphone user. More and more sales are now done via a smartphone, in fact more than any other online method. QR Codes work well for special offers where you can drive customers and potential customers to a particular page on your website. You can also set up an online prize draw and capture data.

5)    Give money away! Yes, that’s what we said. This is direct mail. It works really well when you post an actual letter as it’s special, but can also be done via email. In your letter explain that you are giving them money to spend in your business. This is not a voucher, its real money: a gift certificate. Make your gift worthwhile. You are better off sending 100 letters with £40 inside than 1000 with £5 inside. If you are a restaurant maybe £25; if a gift shop maybe more. Very few people will use the exact amount of the gift certificate, as most will use it as a discount on something bigger. The way to think of this is that it’s part of your marketing budget.

6)    Secret Santa. We all love this one. It’s great to run during December with the prizes being available in January. During December you give every customer a mystery envelope which can be redeemed in January. In January your customer needs to buy from you again and then, the still sealed, envelope is opened and the prize revealed. This works amazingly well for restaurants as they can give prizes of 25% off, 50% off or 100% off the cost of the total bill but no one knows which until the meal is about to be paid for. It’s very exciting but, more importantly, will increase business at a slow time of the year.

Have fun with whichever you choose of our seasonal picks and please do let us know at iYFA how you get on.

The iYFA Team


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