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Post Date:November 13, 2017

No Black Friday Sale, please. We’re British!

This year the 24th November is Black Friday, when shoppers go mad and massive sales are made. Last year over the four days – Black Friday to Cyber Monday – £5.8 billion pounds were spent in the UK.

Many companies, such as Next, Asda and Ikea, have turned their back on Black Friday, but others, among them John Lewis, Debenhams, Amazon, do exceedingly well.

Some businesses have even extended the day and the one-day event has now grown and been dubbed Black ‘FiveDay’, with Amazon starting their sales campaign 10 days before Black Friday.

So, what does this mean for the smaller retailer? How do they get their share, or, more importantly, not lose out, on Black Friday?

Well here at iYFA we think Amazon might just have the answer – with a bit of a twist!

Start your ‘Black Friday’ sale today or as soon as possible. And this is our suggestion. Get some big, very big, posters (lots), saying something like the following ‘Say No to BLACK FRIDAY! Buy at ASTONISHING prices here today! … and everyday’.

Now of course this means having some amazing deals in your shop, and these need to be carefully planned so as to not lose money (you can have some loss-leaders) and should change often and be limited in number in order to keep the excitement going. For example: ‘Only five, whatever it is, at this incredible low price’.

Another sales channel to consider, maybe too late for this year, so why not for next, is online and mobile? And if you haven’t got these in place, you will be missing out on some major sales. Retailers have reported a massive jump in transactions made via mobile, proving the smartphone is now the doorway to the “digital high street”. iYFA is developing this ‘digital high street’ and the technology behind it, to enable the smaller SME, and local communities, to compete with the larger companies. With improved store apps and the ability to pay for items at the touch of a button, without repeatedly loading in card details, makes shopping-on-the-go, just too hard to resist.

Black Friday is coming. Why not be part of it?

The iYFA Team


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