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Post Date:June 19, 2018


Earlier this week I was in Piccadilly Circus, just outside Lillywhites, waiting for a friend of mind. And they were late. Not sure about you, but when this happens to me I start ‘people watching’, car watching (a beautiful Lamborghini passed by) and of course advert watching. Piccadilly Circus is not only an iconic advertising site but also one of the most renowned advertising spaces in the world. Each week it is estimated that over 2 million people pass by this London landmark, with over 1.38 million of these on foot, giving them plenty of time to see the adverts that I was now studying.

OOH advertising (Out of Home advertising) was once thought of as just posters and billboards but is now enjoying unprecedented growth, as a medium, due to digital technologies and the innovation of products.

New technology has transformed OOH into a dynamic, adaptive and interactive format giving brands mass coverage and scale and incredible scope to target people on the move (or standing still as I was!).

It is estimated that, on average, we each spend three and a half hours a day out of our homes (and offices). And during that time we see a huge amount of advertising. Don’t believe me? Then just count all of the advertising you see next time you go out. It’s everywhere.

The main adverts around Piccadilly Circus cost hundreds of thousands of pounds per year. Why? Well it goes much deeper than the 2 million+ people that visit Piccadilly Circus each week and the thousands of vehicles that pass by each day (many themselves covered in advertising), as this advertising is seen by millions of people around the world. Thousands upon thousands of photos are taken every day, stored on mobiles, downloaded onto computers, published on social media, and each has an advert(s) in the background. And these adverts are seen over and over again.

If you compare this with an advert in the back pages of a magazine you can see why more and more companies are turning to OOH for their advertising needs.

Our own ecoSHOPPER box is a wonderful example of OOH advertising and opens this type of media up to the smaller SME. In Chiswick alone we are distributing over 20,000 ecoSHOPPER boxes a month and the adverts they carry are seen, in turn, by thousands of local people, when the ecoSHOPPER boxes are carried around the Chiswick area, on the tube, on buses and trains, made available at market stalls, kept in the home and used in the car.

So if your current advertising is not giving you the results that you would like then OOH might just be worth you looking at.

David – Head of Business Development and eco trailblazer at iYFA


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