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Post Date:April 12, 2018

Oriental food and Golden Chopsticks

I love cooking stir fry. King prawns with broccoli and mangetout is my favourite, but I’m far from being a master with the wok. So imagine my delight when iYFA were asked to supply our eco boxes for the new Golden Chopsticks Awards. 2018 is the first year for the awards and is the vision of Gok Wan, Lucy Mitchell and Sarah Lewis, bringing together all of the major players in the Oriental food industry under one roof. Ken Hom, so good to watch cooking on TV, is one of the main judges.

So something I have been helping with this week is the layout and copy for an advert in the Awards Programme. Once the offer was decided on, working on a strong headline is crucial – something that really grabs attention. Then we had to work on a benefit statement, the copy detail, choose a relevant imagine, a call to action and, of course, a deadline. Plus the preferred way contact should to be made – email or phone – which is something often overlooked and something of an after-thought.

At iYFA we work closely with our advertisers taking out an advert on an ecoSHOPPER box, ensuring that all of these areas are fully explored for the best results. This expertise, plus the innovation of the eco box itself, has led to returns, prospective business, far in excess of what is normally achieved by direct response marketing.

Our special ecoTAKEAWAY box, 28 times more environmentally friendly than a plastic bag, I hope will soon be available from your favorite takeaway. Certainly it is going to be great seeing them used at The Golden Chopsticks Awards at the Mariott London Grosvenor Square Hotel in April.

If you aren’t getting the results you would like from your advertising then why not speak to our team in Chiswick?
Okay, where’s my copy of Ken Hom’s Simple Asian Cooking!?

David – Head of Business Development and eco trailblazer at iYFA


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