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Post Date:May 9, 2018

Paddle Pickup

iYFA is based in Chiswick and that is where you will find our ecoSHOPPER boxes for the moment. However, very soon they will be available, free to consumers, in Ealing, Acton and Wembley as well.

But at iYFA we are big thinkers and the war on plastic needs to be won, not just locally, but everywhere, in every city, town and village both nationally and worldwide.

More and more initiatives are being put into operation every week and I came across one recently that I really like, being a bit of a paddler myself.

Paddle Pickup was dreamed up by two adventures Bex Band and Erin Bastian who wanted to do something about the issue of ocean pollution. Their idea was to connect conservation with adventure. So in 2017 a team of women came together to kayak the width of Britain from Bristol to London, covering 300km of water, 151 locks, collecting plastic pollution from the water as they went. In total 3,200 pieces of plastic were gathered. Now that has to be amazing.

Starting on the 28th May this year the team will be doing it again and kayaking from coast to coast the full length of Wales; over 240km of waterways via the River Severn.

All of these initiatives are brilliant and we need them, but they shouldn’t be necessary. With a change of mind-set we can help reduce that need. You can do two things, starting today, that will help reduce plastic pollution getting to our rivers: first never use another plastic bag (if in Chiswick use our ecoSHOPPER box instead) and two, always recycle all of the plastic you use.

The team at iYFA and I will be following the Paddle Pickup with interest and wish the team every success with their mission.

For more information on Paddle Pickup click here.

David – Head of Business Development and eco trailblazer at iYFA


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