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Post Date:February 7, 2018

Plastic is dead!

You might be thinking with all of the news over the past few weeks that the war on plastic has finally been won. But we have a very long way to go yet; and of course most of what we are hearing only concerns the UK. But at least it’s a start.

What we need are more companies like Iceland (the supermarket) having a policy to stop using plastic, as only then will major change happen.

The government has announced that there will be thousands of free water fountains around the country in the next few years, which is brilliant. But only if the majority of us use them and there’s the ‘rub’: we will all have to carry our own water bottle to fill.

A few years ago, you may remember, there was a protest against supermarkets using plastic. Where people having paid for their shopping, stopped in the car park, unpacked all of the plastic boxed goods, and left the plastic behind. There were piles of it! However, the inconvenience to the shopper was so big that the protest only lasted a short while.

iYFA have launched the eco box, in Chiswick (London), which is both environmentally friendly and totally recyclable, and could help solve the challenge of convenience, as it is free to consumers and readily available in a number of locations. Already over 4,000 eco SHOPPER boxes are being used every week, thus dispensing with a great deal of plastic.

To win the fight against plastic, and help save our planet, we all need to find alternatives to plastic and stop using plastic, in all its forms. However, more importantly, we need to make sure that this current willingness to change is more than just a fad and is not forgotten, once again, in a few moths time when TV has moved on to something else.

The iYFA Team


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