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Post Date:March 26, 2018

To Recycle, or not to Recycle.

Well I think we can all agree that we should recycle as much as possible if we are going to protect the futures of our planet and our children.

iYFA is leading the war against plastic with our innovative ecoSHOPPER boxes which are 28 times more environmentally friendly than a plastic bag. But caring for our planet goes much deeper than winning the war against plastic and even the simple process of recycling is far from being simple. Below are my Four Top Tips for helping you with your recycling. However, first a few facts that I hope will give you even more incentive to recycle every little thing you can.

Did you know that there are 1,000,000 bottles of water bought every minute and that fewer than 50% of the bottles are collected for recycling? In addition, just 7% of those bottles are turned into new bottles. It’s no wonder that our oceans are awash with plastic bottles.

But I don’t want to talk about everything that’s bad so here are some rather better facts. For every ton of cardboard that is recycled nine cubic yards of landfill space is saved; and that from just one ton of scrap from discarded computers more gold can be recovered than can be produced from 17 tons of gold ore. So how many old computers have you got kicking around?

Okay, I’ve got you thinking, so here are my Four Top Tips to help you with your recycling.

Top Tip 1

Not so much of a recycling tip but more of a not needing to recycle tip. It’s hard, but every little helps and as you get better at it, as manufactures have to get better, we will all do even better. What is it? Reduce what you need to recycle; stop buying things that need to be recycled: food in plastic is a big one here.

Top Tip 2

Know what you can recycle. It’s important to know the rules for your area, since what can be recycled in one area might not be the same as in another. A lot of sorting is done by hand and the sorters only have a few seconds to decide if what you have recycled can in fact be recycled. For example, the little bottles of drink that come with a straw; if the straw is pushed into the bottle the bottle can’t be recycled. Can your bottles have their plastic screw tops on or not? If you know the rules it will increase what actually can be recycled.

Top Tip 3

Bottled Water. We have seen the absolutely staggering numbers above and how we have heard that bottle water contains tiny particles of plastic. Now that has to be a double whammy! There are a couple of things you can do here. Get a jug at home with a water filter and get a reusable bottle that you can take out with you. We need to eliminate disposable plastic bottles and this would be a great step and at the same time save you a bucket (not plastic!) full of money. And, don’t forget – take your own cup to your favourite coffee shop.

Top Tip 4

On the subject of water we also need to save water. Now you can go big here and change the plumbing in your house, so that bath water (grey water) is redirected to your toilet cistern and all manner of other things. A more simple option is to install a water butt to collect rain water for watering the garden and washing your car. It would also help to reduce water shortages in hot weather and we would have fewer hosepipe and sprinkler bans.
So there are my Four Top Tips to help you recycle. I hope you find them useful and if you have other top tips please do let me know.

David – Head of Business Development and eco trailblazer at iYFA


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