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Post Date:January 10, 2018

Your local High Street is for you!

High Streets across the UK are under pressure as a result from a move in spending from actual shops to online and increased costs due to business rate raises and the national living wage. Not to mention local parking restrictions and the attraction of the shopping mall ‘day-out’.

So should this concern you? The answer of course is yes – and very much so.

You see small and independent businesses are at the heart of our communities and by shopping locally, supporting your local high street, it will have a positive effect not only on you but also on your community. Not convinced? Well here are a few thoughts that we hope will change your mind.

When you shop locally you will help create more jobs in the local community. Did you know that small business is the largest employer nationally? Amazing, but true. This means that local businesses are the backbone of our economy and using them is far better than using large chains or impersonal superstores. A culture of buying locally is the basis of a sustainable local economy; research shows that by spending £10 with a local independent trader up to an additional £50 goes back into that economy.

Local high streets tend to be more creative and exclusive and are home to those amazingly diverse and quirky little shops that will stock things you just can’t find anywhere else. This is because in order to compete with the major outlets local shops must find their own style and identity in order to stand out and choose products based on their own personal interests rather than some national trend. This makes your local shopping area ideal for finding unique and personal gifts; plus a high street filled with vibrant shops is a wonderful place to meet with your friends.

Furthermore, the shop owners you buy from are the same people who run the local sports team or organise local charity events. Research has found that non-profit organisations receive on average 250% more support from small businesses than they do from large corporations. And local businesses are often heavily involved with community events and supporting local causes because they live in the local area and are just as interested in their town as you are. So by supporting local businesses you are supporting your friends and neighbors too.

All this makes shopping in your local high street a much more rewarding and satisfying experience when compared to trawling through huge superstores, full of stuff that you don’t want, and which is the same as in every other store.  Your high street is also usually just a few minutes away and so saves hours of driving, long traffic queues, and then more time lost driving round and round multi-storey car parks trying to find a parking space; by its very nature local shopping is far more stress free.

And of course, shopping locally is the ethical choice. Small independent businesses source more products locally and use far less packaging than large retailers. This reduces their global footprint as they require less transportation, which means less pollution, and leads to less waste going to landfills. By shopping locally you will be doing your bit in saving the environment by reducing your car use, leading to less air pollution and cleaner communities.

At iYFA we care about the local high street and our environment and hope that together we can see it once again prosper and grow.

The iYFA Team


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