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So what can you expect from iYFA aloud? Our ambition is to innovate, impart knowledge and demystify the world of marketing and advertising. We also want to stimulate you, build awareness and shout about the care of our planet.

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There’s already a tax on carrier bags. Plastic straws and cotton buds could be banned by October 2020, if not sooner. Don’t worry though. There are alternatives. Plans are underway for the UK Government to ban single-use plastic straws, [...]


Why is plastic killing our oceans?

Plastic being dumped in our oceans is a danger to humans and animals, but you can do your bit to help. It’s the hot topic in the world right [...]

Why there’s plastic in your body and it’s making you ill

There are tiny bits of plastic inside you and it’s damaging your health. Here’s what you can do about it. You can’t see it. You c[...]

The inconvenience factor!

I’m off on holiday in a few weeks to Italy, stopping in Genoa to visit one of my favourite restaurants en route to the Italian coast, where we a[...]


Earlier this week I was in Piccadilly Circus, just outside Lillywhites, waiting for a friend of mind. And they were late. Not sure about you, but when[...]

It’s all in the brushing!

I had to buy a new toothbrush this week and, before I did, I decided that a little research might be a good idea. For one thing should I buy electric [...]

On your bike!

The In Your Face Advertising (iYFA) offices are on the Chiswick High Road which is a popular cycle route, with bike lanes, and often busy with people [...]

Tree saves man’s life!

I was hunting around YouTube recently and came across an amazing video clip. A rally car comes careering around a corner, goes up on two wheels, then [...]

Paddle Pickup

iYFA is based in Chiswick and that is where you will find our ecoSHOPPER boxes for the moment. However, very soon they will be available, free to cons[...]

It’s all wonky!

If you buy your fruit and vegetables in the Chiswick High Road it’s more than likely that you will be offered one of our iYFA ecoSHOPPER boxes to ca[...]


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