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So what can you expect from iYFA aloud? Our ambition is to innovate, impart knowledge and demystify the world of marketing and advertising. We also want to stimulate you, build awareness and shout about the care of our planet.

The iYFA Team

There are certain times of year when people spend more money; lots of it! Some of these days are seasonal, like skiing in the winter and BBQs in the summer, while others have defined dates such as Christmas, Bonfire Night and Valentine’s Day. The i[...]


Did you recycle your coffee cup today?

Every day hundreds of thousands of us put our coffee cup into a recycling bin, thinking that the cup will be recycled. But we’re wrong because t[...]

Your local High Street is for you!

High Streets across the UK are under pressure as a result from a move in spending from actual shops to online and increased costs due to business rate[...]

Green Resolutions

It’s that time of year again; a New Year, a fresh start, filled with good intentions and lots of resolutions. The problem is that by the end of Janu[...]

Not on the High Street

The iYFA team were very much on the high street on Saturday for the launch of the ecoShopper box; to be precise the road between Turnham Green tube st[...]

Merry Chiswick

On Saturday (16th December) the iYFA team will be in Chiswick, just outside Turnham Green tube station, handing out our new ecoShopper box for free to[...]

We’re dreaming of a Green Christmas

According to the bookmakers the likelihood of a white Christmas in Chiswick this year is no more than 20%; however, at iYFA we’re dreaming of a Gree[...]

We have lift off!

It’s been another thrilling few days in the iYFA office as we have been shortlisted in the upcoming West London Business Awards in two categories: C[...]

Jingle Tills!

At this time of year it’s essential to get your ’tills’ ringing loudly! Here at iYFA we have been discussing our favourite and most effectiv[...]

No Black Friday Sale, please. We’re British!

This year the 24th November is Black Friday, when shoppers go mad and massive sales are made. Last year over the four days – Black Friday to Cyb[...]


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