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Promote Your Brand In Your Consumers Pockets

A promotional tool

A promotional tool that your customers will want, use and carry around with them all the time.

Power, whenever and wherever you need it A boost of power when you need it, introducing the world’s most compact portable charger. The same size as a credit card - powers you with up to 4hours of connectivity and is easily carried in your wallet.

Simply flip it! One connector does it all.

Power Bite

7 reasons why your brand is on your customers lips

  • Only 3mm think

    The world’s thinnest and lightest portable phone charger. Ultra-slim design, the size of a credit card 3mm think so it fits perfectly in your wallet.

  • Up to 4 hours of on-demand power

    Never missed another important phone call or that special photo moment.

  • Built-in dual micro-USB

    Powerbite compatible with the majority of smartphones on the market

  • Available in both disposable (840 mAh) and rechargeable (500 mAh) versions

    Safety features include current protection and short-circuit protection

  • No one can touch our pricing to the end-user

    We have contracted with several of the largest manufacturers in China, resulting in the most aggressive price possible.

  • Huge sales Potential to the promotions and advertising specialties markets

    The entire front of the card if fully customisable to promote products, businesses, services and brand awareness.

  • Sales avenue

    Other sales avenues include online sales, sportsteams, airlines, hotels, rental car companies, travel agencies, cellular phone companies, the military, Government emergency services offices, senior citizen programs and many more

Whether your customers are out and about creating memories or even in there hour of need make sure your with them all the way

Making sure your customers don’t miss a moment, these branded products will keep you connected to your customers at all times wether its:

Stunning Template

Finding a friend at a festival

Iconic Awarded Design

If the car breaks down

Featurewise Complete

Delayed flight at the airport

Mature project

At a business or trade show

A Great marketing tool

  • An incredibly powerful marketing and professional tool
  • Add your logo or custom print
  • A promotional item that so useful your customer will keep for a long time and in there pocket!
  • A great idea for on-going exposure of your brand or business


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