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Advertise to thousands of potential customers from just £80. Let us introduce you to the future of advertising. By using our website you will be able to make the very best marketing decisions about your advertising needs, we put you in control:

Whether you have a big budget or a small budget, perhaps a budget for a specific promotion, whatever the case we give you the flexibility to decide how much you can spend to get your message across.

Do you want to reach out to a new town? Students? Commuters? No problem, you can now select one of the many strategic locations where iYFA is present.

Choose what form of advertsing you want, images and messages, QR codes, Augmented Reality or a combination. The choice is yours. At iYFA we give you the platform and means to advertise exactly how you want. By taking advantage of QR and AR (Augmented Reality) codes, your potential customers will have, in real time, enhanced experiences of your products or services. You can spend according to your budget by using use our quick, user-friendly, interactive design software to create your advert with ease. Every eco Box has the same result; it ends up in a consumer’s home, at the workplace or on the street where your advert will continue to work for you. We offer strategically placed locations at petrol and tube stations, supermarkets, stores, markets and other ‘high footfall’ venues. The eco Box is eco-friendly, being 100% compostable, useful, and designed to suit every advertising budget. By using our online design tool you can create an advert that’s just right for you within minutes. You can: Choose the size of your eco Box, from the many available Choose the quantity of boxes you need, and add your graphics Choose where your eco Box is to be placed, thereby maximising its market potential. You can use more than one location to spread your message and to discover which locations work best for you. Did we mention that our eco Boxes are FREE to the consumer? They are available to everyone, going directly into the heart of your target market. At iYFA, we believe in supporting our local communities and we re-invest a portion of our profits back into the community as charitable donations. Get started now - Find your ideal location and design your advert here.


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